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Discover the world of Quick Detailers

Want even more gloss? Even more hydrophobicity? Or protection? The answer to all these is universal: quick detailers!

All of Soft99’s quick detailers were made to provide you the best possible effects with minimal effort and in short time!

Choose a QD of your preference and you’ll be able to get rid of dust, streaks, smudges, fingerprints & more. You’ll be also able to boost a previously applied wax or even repair a quartz coating, while giving your paintwork protection, colour depth and shine at the same time.

At Soft99 we made sure to deliver the best possible solutions that tick all the boxes while giving you the most fun you ever had while cleaning your car.




Quick detailers can be used after every handwash or every time you need to clean smaller contamination, for example dust, streaks, smudges or fingerprints (in that case we recommend choosing Fukupika Spray). If the car is protected by a quartz or wax coating, then you can use your quick detailer less frequently – e.g. every other wash or once a month.

Yes, quick detailers also work great standalone, creating a hydrophobic layer, providing shine and boosting the looks of the car in just a few moments.

We recommend applying quick detailers exclusively on the paintwork. The exception is Smooth Egg Liquid which can be applied on both paintwork, plastic elements, glass and elements of the interior.

Those are all kinds of dirt that doesn’t cause damage during contact with the paintwork (when you wipe it off with a microfibre), e.g. light dust, fingerprints, streaks, smudges or fresh waterspots. Heavy dirt, such as dried up mud, needs to be cleaned with high-pressure water.

We do not recommend applying quick detailers in the sun. High temperature can cause rapid evaporation of the product which can lead to smudges appearing on the paintwork. Make sure that the paintwork is not too hot before using QDs.

The optimal temperature range for using quick detailers is about 15-25 Celsius degrees. In case the temperature is higher or lower than this, we recommend trying the product on a less-visible part the car’s body to see how it reacts with your quick detailer.

One layer is enough to provide the declared properties of the product but there are no contraindications to apply more than one layer.

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Gloss, protection and great washing properties all in one bottle. The most eco-friendly of all quick detailers leads the charge in the world of waterless washing. Fingerprints? Fresh waterspots? Maybe damp patches? It’s enough to take Fukupika to refresh the varnish, bring the gloss back and create a lasting protective coating in just one step. In Japan, this product is used for waterless washing!

Key facts

Cleaning properties

Up to 6 month protection

Easy application

How to apply



Pure, mango-scented liquid wax pleasure! Fantastic look-booster for any wax-coated car that also works great standalone! The effect is complemented by the spectacular hydrophobicity and banally easy application which makes it an obligatory position in every fan’s of gloss collection.

It perfectly cooperates with waxes and boosts their properties, but it also works wonderfully as a quick, standalone protection.

Key facts

Liquid wax

Maximum depth and varnish shininess/gloss

Mango scent

How to apply



The most universal and effective QD you’ll ever see! Rich, quartz compound formula boosts and repairs quartz coatings, bringing back the smoothness and shine on paintwork, glass or even in the interior! During the application, it immediately evaporates without leaving smudges. It can be used on other surfaces such as plastics, chromes and even plastics in the interior! Smooth Egg can be used both after every handwash and in-between of washes to securely clean light stains, dust and fingerprints.

Key facts

For regular coating care

Wet or dry application

Varnish, plastics, chromes, and similar materials

How to apply



Unique, rich formula with 4 different polymers will captivate every detailing fan. Rejuvenate wax or quartz coatings & increase depth, gloss and water repellency at once. Additionally, it revives and fills in weakened coating structure. It can be used as a quick detailer for periodic service of every type of coating.

Used as a standalone product it will highlight the look of varnish and boost the maximal visual effect.

Key facts

Professional QD for coatings

Strong nourishing properties

Extraordinary visual effects

How to apply



Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier is a dedicated quick detailer for all coatings from the Fusso Family. Strong boosting properties, and even more water repellency and gloss! Thanks to the high content of fluoropolymers, it strengthens their effects, fills in deficiency in their structure and extends their lifespan.

The advanced formula makes Fusso Coat Speed&Barrier a great standalone protection which also boosts the look, creates hydrophobic properties, and prevents stains from sticking to the varnish.

Key facts

Fusso technology

Up to 3 month protection

Mango scent

How to apply